Csa membership 

Let us explain…. Community Supported Agriculture or CSA. This program is designed to create a partnership between the local farmer (Us) and the customer (You). It’s an opportunity for customers to buy local, seasonal food directly from a farmer (Us). We will offer a limited number of shares (memberships) to the public each season. Customers purchase a membership during the farms off season , from the farmer , in exchange for fresh produce during the growing season.

What’s in it for me? Farm fresh produce each week, a weekly visit to our farm to see “what’s growin on”, the opportunity to develop a relationship with the farmer that grows your food and the opportunity to learn about how your food is grown. Our boxes feature staple vegetables your family will recognize and enjoy eating. You will also know that you are supporting the work of a local farm family. We Are Your Farmers, We want you to know Us!

This year (2019) the customer will be given the option to chose the vegetables they would like to be included in their box each week. We will have a weekly “menu” of available produce. This will be made available to members. Each week you decide what to bring home in your box. This will take the guess work out of it for us and it allows you to select produce that you are interested in preparing for the week. We will begin our season early this year with the availability o2f our delicious strawberries in early June. We will have a short break and then start our weekly pick up dates in late June , when our seasonal vegetables will become available.

NEW THIS YEAR: We have created a new option this year: Pick Your Own CSA. Members who choose this option will be given the opportunity each week to pick their own vegetables. We will open our fields during specified hours , just for our CSA members. You may choose your own produce. This will give the customer more flexibility as to the size and desired ripeness of all of our vegetables. This membership will also include picking fruit throughout the season. We will start the CSA during strawberry season! We call this our Shop your Crop option.

Boxes: We offer two size boxes:

The Regular Box: Designed for 2 Adults with small children.

The Large Box: Designed for a family of 4 Adults and small children .

Option 1: CSA Membership: You choose the fruits and vegetables from or weekly menu. We will

pick your chosen produce. You will pick your box of fruits/vegetables each week at

our farm. It’s that easy

Option 2: Shop Your Crop: This membership will allow you to customize your CSA Box each week

We will open our fields to CSA members during a specified time each week. Members

will be given the opportunity to purchase additional fruits/produce during their time

in our fields. Shopping your Crop is a wonderful way for members to spend some

time on our farm , relaxing in our fields. It is also a terrific opportunity to teach

children where/how their food is grown. Let’s pass this knowledge onto the next

generation. This is a Pick Your Own Option.

Prices: Option 1 : Regular Box: 300.00 per season Large Box 425.00 per season

Option 2: Regular Box 325.00 per season Large Box 450.00 per season



WHAT Will BE IN THE BOXES?   A complete list of fruits/vegetables for the 2019 season coming soon      

Some weeks may include : Flowers, Honey or Bread.

WHERE DO I PICK UP MY BOX?    Pick up will be at our farm , date and time to be determined.