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Raspberries, orchard, u-pick, pick your own, farm, Clinton County

welcome to smith farms

                                                                   SUMMER 2017                                              


WHAT'S New:   Wewill be opening our APPLE ORCHARD Saturday September 9 , 2017.     We also offer pre-picked apples andaccept orders to picked up at your convenience , just stop by or call ahead for our pre picked feature.   We have many different varieties and they are all listed on this website under the "apple" heading.   Fuji, Gala, Cameo, MacIntosh , Honey Crisp are just a few of our delicious beauties.     Please be sure to check our Facebookpage or call ahead for exact picking dates and times.

Pick Your Own Pumpkin Picking will begin at the end of September.

There are no additional charges at our farm , no admission fees or parking fees.  We just charge for what you pick and hope that you have an enjoyable time visiting our farm.    It's just that easy.





See You Soon



pumpkin, pick your own, u-pick, orchard, Indiana